The Wonderland Gallery

Filled with Alice in Wonderland-inspired artwork, the Wonderland Gallery features artwork by local artists from Iron Key Studios. View their work when you tumble down the rabbit hole.

Melissa Zimmer

Melissa Zimmer has been involved with the arts for more than 20 years, and is an award-winning artist in various mediums ranging from tattoo to paint. She has created public art throughout the Valley, including Old Town Peoria where she recently created the intersection painting outside Iron Key Studio and contributed to the Peoria Community Planter Project.

Drew Siciliano

Drew Siciliano is a local artist transplanted from the East Coast. His artwork is heavily influenced by classically-animated films and comic book artists such as Ray Harryhausen and Frank Frazetta with a twist from Tim Burton, giving way to his illustrative-realism. A 2005 graduate from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a Bachelor in Media Arts and Animation, he how uses his talent to create art in various forms and mediums. 

Kristy Velesko

I have a love of history as well and a "small" obsession with vintage clothing. Whenever possible, I will use parts from my collection in my fine artwork. Taking a piece of the past and intertwining it with a piece of my imagination, breathing into its new life, like an old soul.

I am a traveler and an explorer at heart. I want to visit new worlds, bringing a new dimension to my reality and allowing me to learn things about myself and my own world in ways I would not have imagined. Difference in landscapes, light, and people can have such an impact on one's existence and enhance their mind.

I often find myself hearing a song or reading a book and seeing this image in my head, I have the urge to bring it to life in such a unique way . A way that makes you wonder and think about the world the same way as when you were younger, and everything was possible.

I hope my art makes you feel, dream, and want to explore. I hope it takes you somewhere you have not been to yet, and if anything, I hope maybe it helps you know yourself a bit better than you may have before.

Robert McLeod

Robert McLeod has been an Arizonan since the age of 7. He always dabbled in art as a child and teen, and had a love for colored pencils and watercolors. After joining the Navy in 1994, Robert had been away from art for most of his adult life, until 2018. Now, heavily influenced by all things Halloween, nightmares, his fear of death, horror, Gothic and Victorian styles, and a little wear & tear for a bit of aging, Robert believes he’s found a truly unique style.

Josh Nelson

Having been born to be an artist. Josh Nelson is, for the most part, self taught. He displayed an above average ability to draw as soon as he could pick up a crayon. Growing up, his natural inclination towards visual art was fostered by the support of family and friends. He has poured his heart and soul into the study of creating art. Learning as many different mediums and techniques as he can get his hands on. He works fluently with oils, acrylic, and watercolor. As a seasoned tattoo artist of 26 years, he enjoys bringing the elements of fine art into the art of designing people’s skin. One favorite saying of his is “I am an artist because I like to express myself. I’m a tattoo artist to help others be able to do so. As a lover of art from antiquity to the present day. Across every genre and movement of art throughout human history. He finds it difficult to develop just one recognized style as his own. Much preferring to explore the very edge of his own creative abilities. You may see two works of his next to each other and not realize that he created them both. Go visit Sonoran Skin Design on Facebook and Instagram to see more of the work that is created by the artist Josh Nelson.

Sonny Francoeur